Update 2014

It takes a while to regain momentum after a show, but finally I'm picking up speed and planning on exhibiting my new offerings in July 2016.  The last show was mostly figurative with this one more landscape focused.  I want to create some open less structured works with colour being the driving force. I want big skies and open space, I want the excitement of the colour to drag the viewer deep into the picture revealing more aspects the longer it's viewed.  Pretty ambitious but with any luck I can pull it off.   Watch this space for updates.


My Studio

We built the studio on early 2011 and finally its up and running properly. 

I have a good amount of space to work in as you can see, although I do tend to work on one easel. The rest of the space I use to place art, so I can look at paintings I am working on and think about where to take them. 

I have a long bench next to the  easel on which I keep all my paint and tools. It's organised in a way though it may not look like it. 

When I paint I listent to music. My pet whippet comes in and sleeps there on the floor, especially in summer when the concrete floor is cool.

me in the studio

me in the studio